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Artist Statement

an artistic graphic of an ink smear
vintage looking background paper
Our work is inspired by the natural world and is in response to our throw away society. Americans dispose of more usable items than some countries produce. The found objects we collect tell the stories of bygone travels, miscalculated gifts, and can be a historical reminder of previous generations.  By creatively "upcycling" these objects with other media we not only offer a new story to an old item, we also challenge the viewer to observe these everyday items in a completely different way.  
We design and create each piece at “The Art Farm”, our restored 1860 farmhouse and studio.  Our works range in scale from floor lamps to wearable pieces and are primarily functional. A wide variety of found objects are assembled with textiles and mixed metals.  The metals are hand-formed, cut, cold-connected, textured, forged, engraved, riveted, pierced, soldered, and/or oxidized.  Textiles are both hand and machine stitched as well as hand felted. Collage is often incorporated into our lampshades and wall pieces.  Many pieces are embellished with glass beads and other small found objects.
Follow this link for a blog piece from the Ft Wayne Museum of Art about Lisa's jewelry and process including photos.
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