Going Green

Being “green" is a way of life for us.  We were "green" before it became a trend.  Using found objects in our work put us in that category from the beginning of our creative partnership.    
We even recycled our home and studio by purchasing a 150 year old farm in need of some love.  We've been loving it for nearly 13 years now.  The farmhouse is a shining example of restoration as is the outbuilding that houses our studio.  The gardens provide food for us as well as the wildlife we enjoy sharing our land with.    
All of your art purchases are wrapped in re-used packing materials and placed in a re-used shopping bag.  We love seeing patrons carrying their own shopping bags!  We re-use boxes for shipping as well.  
There is no "away" when you throw something "away", it all goes somewhere.  Just because it's out of your sight doesn't mean it no longer exists.  Think before you toss, "how could I re-use this item or can I recycle it?"  Carry your own shopping bags, use a metal or glass water bottle, plant a garden, dare to be green!!